How To Sponsor A Pro Water Ski Event

How To Sponsor A Pro Water Ski Event

1. It takes the support of an unreal company. I’ve been in sales and marketing at Global Marine Insurance for two years now. I feel so fortunate to work for a company that allowed me to take the reigns and invest a ton of time and energy into an event like the Global Invitational. Last year’s event was something we were all very proud of, and this summer’s version is going to be even better.

2. It isn’t just about the money. It has never been my nature to just simply write a check and let things fall as they may. I want to make sure the Global Invitational is the complete package. I want to take the steps necessary to ensure the skiers are well taken care of and the fans have a seamless show in front of them.

3. Success lies in the details. It really is the small things that make an event such as this a success. Some are easily within our control, and others simply are not. I try to look at the whole picture and pay attention to the small details that we are able to take care of. But, unfortunately, it’s the big things, like the weather, that can deem a ski event successful or not.

4. We are hoping to make a big-picture impact. Skiing is a great sport with serious potential for mass appeal, but there has been a lack of cooperation as of late. The different promotional arms and governing bodies have been too splintered in the past. Everyone needs to work together, and we are hoping to lead by example.

By Jim Stanley, Global Marine Insurance

The second-annual Global Invitational water skiing and wakeboarding tournament will take place at Placid Waters in Allendale, Michigan, on June 26. For more info, go to