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2013's Standout Tow Boats

Centurion FX-22

Centurion’s futuristic FX-22 — complete with its Hammerhead bow design — is one of the most innovative new boats for 2013. It starts with the stylish ram air scoops on the front of the bow, which are traditionally placed on the sides of the gunwales. An optional hardtop folding bimini is sure to turn heads on the sleek Aegis tower this summer, and the touch Vision screen at the helm controls everything from ballast to the new Wing Plate at the touch of a button. Look for the coveted enzo wakesurf and wakeboarding wake with optional 4,350 pounds of factory ballast. Also, if you haven’t seen this boat at night, flip on the leds and prepare to be illuminated with one of the coolest lighting packages we’ve seen. Length: 22' 3" / Beam: 102"

Malibu Wakesetter VTX

Malibu’s 20-foot VtX has always been about three-event crossover potential, and for 2013 it’s gotten 30th-anniversary accents to showcase Malibu’s third decade of building inboards. The VTX’s proven 3-D cut-diamond hull is as versatile as they come, pulling slalom skiers as easily as wakeboarders and surfers. the new removable center pylon allows for a more centered tow point to give die-hard swervers a direct drive pull, and the proprietary surf Gate technology allows for instant switching from port to starboard surfing without shifting the 1,250 pounds of factory ballast from side to side. At 20 feet, this jack of all trades fits comfortably in most standard garages and trailers. From pearl metal flake (symbolizing the pearl anniversary) to the logoed swim platform and snap-out carpet, malibu pulled out all the stops to make a unique boat on

a proven platform that will forever be a part of the company’s history. Beam: 98" / Length: 20'

MasterCraft X-Star

Mastercraft’s newest incarnation of the fabled X-star is a 24-foot wake beast with all the glitz and glam you’d expect out of a flagship boat and a wake that’s just as impressive. With new tricks being landed consistently behind the X-star, Mastercraft has proven that its wakes won’t disappoint, and we’re just as awed by what’s inside the boat as what’s behind it. The X-star’s giant bow has bucket seating and flip-out armrests for maximum comfort and style, and the helm is like something out of a movie, with three screens making up your command center that controls virtually everything in the boat from the tower height to the tunes. One of our favorite creature comforts is the flip-up lounge seat, which easily converts from forward- to rear-facing seating, and can even fold down to make a bed. Add in 1,600 pounds of standard ballast, an ultrafunctional transom and the Ilmor 522-horsepower, 7.4-liter engine and you’ve got the makings of new X-star mythology. Beam: 101" / Length: 24'

Moomba Mobius LSV

Moomba’s redesigned LSV is one of the best values you’ll find in the inboard market today. Complete with a host of standard features like digital speed control, the elegant and functional oz tower, snap-out carpet and a great new interior package, the lsV is a lot of boat for the budget-conscious inboard buyer. Throw in the generous 1,800 pounds of factory ballast and you’ve got a 21½-foot boat with wakes closer to a 23-footer. Moomba was conscious of the success of its larger mojo 2.5 and accordingly raised the gunwales on the lsV to make a deeper boat for a safer, more secure, spray-free ride for kids and adults. If you’re looking for a dependable wake machine that looks great and performs exactly how it’s supposed to for both wakeboarding and wakesurfing, the mobius lsV has got you covered. Length: 21' 6" / Beam: 97"

Nautique G25

Nautique has seriously stepped up its inboard game with the all-new G25, a 25-foot water-displacing machine with seating for 19 people. With subfloor ballast tipping the scales at more than 2,800 pounds, the majority of riders aren’t going to need to add extra weight for giant surf waves and huge, sculpted wakeboard ramps. The G23 set a new standard for Nautique in terms of wake quality and performance and became the new benchmark for the company, but with the addition of two extra feet on the same progression-inspiring hull characteristics, that benchmark just got raised. But don’t make the mistake of thinking the G25 is just a wake monster, because Nautique added luxurious features like the all-new Flight control tower, functional and comfortable seating, a transom walk through and much more. If you’re ready to take a crowd out on the water in style, the G25 is ready for you. Beam: 102' / Length: 25'

Supra SA350-550

Supra’s all-new 22-foot sleek wake monster is sure to turn heads in 2013, not only for its aggressive lines and battle-ready look on the water, but for its plush comforts and beefy wakeboard and wakesurf ramps. The SA’s automotive-inspired helm sports a beautiful 7-inch supra VisioN touch screen, which puts the captain in control of everything in the boat with an intuitive menu that’s simple to navigate. The SA has one of the biggest, deepest bows we’ve experienced in a 22-foot boat, and the battle Prep transom area allows for easy access to the water. The boat comes stocked with an indmar 350-horsepower engine that is perfectly adequate, but we recommend upgrading to the 450 or 550 if you weight your boat beyond factory ballast. Another call-out for this model is the new fiberglass deck construction that allows snap-out carpet. Beam: 100" / Length: 22' 6"


Tigé’s Z3 is truly the culmination of everything the company has done since its inception to produce a stylish, comfortable boat that has plenty of features to make your day on the water efortless and fun. take, for example, the well-planned lounge with plenty of ergonomic bench seating and a trash receptacle hidden behind the driver’s seat to make a functional addition without sacrificing style and comfort. Also, the sun pad has a dual-purpose center cushion that that has upholstery on one side and a nonslip grip pad on the other for a convertible center walk through. Add to this the Z-cline captain’s chair, one of the comfiest seats on the market, the sleek Alpha Z tower with clamp 4RCE board racks, snap-out carpet and the tigétouch onboard computer, and you’ve got a stylish, functional boat for you and plenty of friends. Length: 23' / Beam: 102"