Goode Water Ski Nationals Day 2 Results - Waterski Event

Goode Water Ski Nationals Day 2 Results


Fourteen athletes won national overall titles in respective divisions Wednesday as the 71st annual GOODE Water Ski National Championships continued at Okeeheelee Park. The world’s largest three-event water ski tournament, which began Tuesday, runs through Saturday.

More than 600 water ski athletes from across the United States are competing for national titles in slalom, tricks, jumping and overall in respective age divisions and two Open divisions. Advancement to the national championships is earned through placement on the national rankings' list for respective divisions. Competition continues Thursday at 8 a.m. The American Water Ski Association, a sport discipline organization of USA Water Ski, and the Ski Club of the Palm Beaches are hosting the tournament.

Athletes clinching national overall titles in their respective divisions on Wednesday were: Regina Jaquess (Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.) Open Women; Brian Kinney (Yuba City, Calif.), Open Men; Brooke Baldwin (Windermere, Fla.), Girls 2; Ryan Canepa (El Dorado Hills, Calif.), Boys 2; Nick Lang (Gilbert, Ariz.), Boys 3; Dean Chappell (Decatur, Ill.), Men 6; Dennis Longo (Coral Gables, Fla.), Men 7; Chuck Holmes (Westerville, Ohio), Men 8; Jerry Hosner (Fenton, Mich.), Men 9; Bill Schouten (Jacksons Gap, Ala.), Men 10; Michael Stevenson (Gilbert, Ariz.), Men 1; Leza Harrison (Chuluota, Fla.), Women 6; Janice Prociw (Carter Lake, Iowa), Women 7; and Artis Price (De Leon Springs, Fla.).

Overall girls 2 national champion Brooke Baldwin.

Open Women Slalom, Tricks and Overall: Regina Jaquess (Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.), 2 buoys at 41 feet of/7,460 points/4,284.6 points; Open Men Tricks: Adam Pickos (Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.), 10,990 points; Open Men Overall: Brian Kinney (Yuba City, Calif.), 3,165.4 points; Girls 3 Slalom: Brie Carter (Loudon, Tenn.), 3-1/2 buoys at 38 feet off; Women 1 Slalom: Jennifer Kaldor (Maple Grove, Minn.), 5 buoys at 35 feet off; Women 6 Slalom, Jumping and Overall; Leza Harrison (Chuluota, Fla.), 4 buoys at 32 feet off/76 feet/3,693.0 points; Girls 2 Slalom: Kelley Breeden (Tallahassee, Fla.), 1-1/2 buoys at 38 feet off; Girls 2 Overall: Brooke Baldwin (Windermere, Fla.), 3,981.2 points; Men 7 Tricks: Stan Switzer (Mulberry, Fla.), 2,890 points; Men 7 Jumping and Overall: Dennis Longo (Coral Gables, Fla.), 76 feet/2,901.0 points; Men 8 Tricks: Bob Mayhew (Rosharon, Texas), 1,050 points; Men 8 Jumping and Overall: Chuck Holmes (Westerville, Ohio), 42 feet/1,671.7 points; Men 9 Tricks and Overall: Jerry Hosner (Fenton, Mich.), 1,740 points/3,710.1 points; Men 9 Jumping: Bruce Kunde (Sterling, Ill.), 83 feet; Men 10 Tricks and Overall: Bill Schouten (Jacksons Gap, Ala.), 780 points/1,282.7 points; Men 1 Tricks: Jared Sharkey (Mishawaka, Ind.), 6,000 points; Men 1 Overall: Michael Stevenson (Gilbert, Ariz.), 3,531.0 points; Women 7 Tricks: Janet Piercy (Ashland, Neb.), 1,570 points; Women 7 Jumping and Overall: Janice Prociw (Carter Lake, Iowa), 48 feet/2,141.7 points; Women 8 Tricks: Iris Kurzban (Melville, N.Y.), 40 points; Women 10 Tricks and Overall: Artis Price (De Leon Springs, Fla.), 570 points/842.6 points; Boys 2 Jumping: Quinn Haines (Avon, Conn.), 129 feet; Boys 2 Overall: Ryan Canepa (El Dorado Hills, Calif.), 3,613.7 points; Boys 3 Tricks and Overall: Nick Lang (Gilbert, Ariz.), 6,780 points/3,326.8 points; Boys 3 Slalom: Daniel Di Pol (Covington, La.), 1 buoy at 39-1/2 feet off; Men 6 Jumping: Hank Longo (Winter Haven, Fla.), 127 feet; and Men 6 Overall: Dean Chappell (Decatur, Ill.), 2,145.2 points.