Skier Spotlight: Manon Costard Sets European Water Ski Slalom Record [pending] | Waterski Interview

Skier Spotlight: Manon Costard Sets European Slalom Record [pending]

22 year old Manon Costard from Aix-en-Provence, France broke the Open Women European Slalom record with a score of 3 1/2 buoys at 39off this past weekend in Meuzac, France. Britain's skier Nicole Arthur has been holding it since September 2010 with 3 1/4 buoys at 39off.

Costard's most recent accomplishments also include breaking the NCWSA (National Collegiate Water Ski Association) Women's Slalom record with 2 buoys at 39off, and winning gold at the 2013 Mediterranean Games that were held in Turkey this year.

Manon Costard breaks Open Women European Slalom Record with 3 1/2 at 39off in Meuzac, France.

Hometown: Aix-en-Provence, France

Events: Trick, Slalom, Jump

Sponsors: Fluid Ski and Sports, Monte Carlo Skis, Panda Diplomacy, Ski Doc

Manon Costard slaloming at Swiss Ski School. Photo: Vincent Stadlbaur

Costard recently graduated from Florida Southern University and is looking to pursue her MBA and continue to ski as a Collegiate skier at University of Louisiana at Monroe starting in January 2014.