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The Will To Live and Ski

You can’t tell by looking at her, and she probably won’t tell you, but Ashley Combs is living with cystic fibrosis. She lives her life just as any other college student would, and she doesn’t let her illness stop her from achieving her dreams.

“It’s definitely shaped who I am. It’s given me a lot of wisdom beyond my years, and it’s put my family and I through challenges that most people don’t face, so that’s made me extremely goal-oriented and relatively focused,” Combs said. “I have a lot that I’ve realized that I want to accomplish because of what I’ve dealt with.”

The Colorado native, a sophomore majoring in psychology, is a member of the water ski team, SkiBama. At the team’s most recent competition, Collegiate Nationals, Combs was SkiBama’s top jumper.

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