Throwback Thursday: How To Throw A 20-Foot Wall | How To Waterski

Throwback Thursday: How To Throw A 20-Foot Wall

This week's Throwback Thursday is an oldie, but a goodie! Originally published back in 2010, this "how to" article is still relevant. Enjoy!

Big spray is the signature of our sport. It’s what attracted me to skiing as a kid, and I remember working like crazy to improve it. After 20 years of practice, I think I’ve got the answers. In this water ski how to, learn the secrets to carving massive walls of water. — Glen Campbell

Pick The Right Line

Longer rope lengths tend to make it more difficult to roll your ski on edge, because you’re so far away from the boat. If you normally ski 15 off in the open water, now is a good time to give 28 off a go!

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

It’s all about your speed, weight and power. Trick skis displace a lot of water, but you don’t get the height that slalom skis throw out. Choose your weapon wisely.

Speed Is Your Friend

The more speed you can take off the second wake, the more aggressive you can be with your edge change and turn.

Jam Your Back Foot

This is the last thing a good coach would tell a student, but if you want to produce a big spray, a tail push will certainly help. Your biggest payoff in extra spray height from the tail push is at the finish of the turn.

Slam It

The slam dunk turn works wonders if you can pull it off. Approach the turn with enough speed that you can quickly change your direction with enough aggression that your inside hip (sometimes your whole body) rebounds off the water out of the turn.