How To Kneeboard: New School Set Up for Bigger Air

New School Set Up for Bigger Air

What a difference five years makes. I never would have dreamed that we'd be capable of doing some of the tricks that top riders are doing today. Board technology, changes in boats and equipment, and innovation from the riders have made this an exciting time for kneeboarding.

To get with the times and perform some tricks you thought were beyond your ability, put these new ideas into place:

The palms-down grip. We used to think the cross grip was the way to go because it's more powerful. But the palms-down style provides a more symmetrical pull and makes it easier to complete a handle pass. With proper technique, you don't need much strength.

Longer lines. The 40- to 43-foot rope lengths are best for trick runs under the clock. But how many riders really care about that during an impromptu boarding fest? A 48- to 60-foot rope gives you more air and more room to complete a trick. Just minimize slack.

Extended pylons. Leave it to the equipment to launch you higher. Tying the rope 6-10 feet higher will lift you skyward toward the top of the pylon before the rope starts pulling you back down.