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How To Find The Sweet Spot On A Wakesurfer

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In this water ski how to, find out how to find the sweet spot on wakesurf board.

Building the Sweet Spot

Before you can find the wake's sweet spot, you need to make sure you have a sweet spot. If you're wakesurfing behind a direct drive ski boat, you should be shooting for a smooth thigh-high wake. If you have a V drive wakeboard boat, you can probably throw wakes up to hip high. But you're looking for more than just size. You want a wake that is long and clean, too, and to get this you'll need to find the right balance of weight between the front and back of the boat. Start with the majority of your ballast and people weight in the back and on the side of the boat the surfer is riding on.

Now, bring the boat up to wakesurfing speed (8-11 mph). If the wake starts to crumble, take some weight out of the back or move some weight up front. Continue playing with your weight balance until your wake is dialed. You'll know when it's right because the whitewater will disappear and you'll be left with a smooth face of water that'll look like a miniature version of the breaks you see in TransWorld Surf.

Finding The Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is the clean stretch of wake just in front of the curl. Now, toss your towline into the sweet spot and tie it off at that length. This will put you in the right spot when you stand up, so you won't have to pull yourself into it. To get up, perform a deepwater start just like you would on a wakeboard, and make sure you're riding frontside/toeside with your chest and toes facing the wake. Now get you wakesurf board's edge into the wake and drop the handle. Stay on the balls of your feet with your weight distributed equally, keep your center of gravity low, and use your knees and ankles as speed sensors to tell if you're moving up or back on the wake. If you feel yourself moving back on the wake, shift your weight forward so your chest is over your front knee. You'll accelerate and catch up with the sweet spot.