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Jennifer Leachman-LaPoint Launches COMPETE, an AR-Enhanced App

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Orlando, FL July 12, 2017 - Jennifer Leachman-LaPoint, a 3-time Women’s Slalom World Record Holder, founder of Women of Water Sports - On Tour, and Water Ski Hall of Fame Honoree, has announced the introduction of a campaign designed to get people off the couch and inspired to play a new sport. It’s called COMPETE and its immediate benefits are improving fitness level while having new-found fun and making new friends.

Historically, most sports go through a standard life cycle: 1. New; 2. In momentum; 3. Decline. The third stage tragically leaves behind a whole tribe of devoted people who still love that sport.

Most niche, lifestyle and outdoor sports depend on a continual boost of new participants. LaPoint’s focus is to merge 142 million outdoor sports participants with 71 million eSports participants with her COMPETE mobile app. COMPETE is designed to get people off the couch and into something new, exciting and rewarding.

“COMPETE is a mobile app that enables players/participates to compete in their sport of choice by just using their phone,” LaPoint explains. “The phone-based app will grab their sport’s motion data and give them a score and a ranking in their chosen sport. The experience can be enhanced by special eyewear, which leverages augmented reality technology and permits them to see a competitor, ski course, goal or any object in their field of view. It’s all done virtually, making it feel like a real sport game. This new dynamic lets players compete with anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

According to LaPoint, the year-one focus is on water skiing. COMPETE will quickly spin into many other niche sports from cycling, to skateboarding, to hunting and beyond. COMPETE will display others in the sport, which they can play with. Players can join up to challenge one another in spontaneous, impromptu competitions. Fans can pick leaderboards and fantasy teams. COMPETE will provide measurement, real-time feedback and even real-time coaching.

Social psychologist Emily Balcetis ( has stated that research shows when it comes to fitness, some people quite literally see the world differently from others. She offers a surprisingly simple solution to overcome these differences by changing their “mind’s eye,” the subjective perception of the situation. When the participant sees the goal as easier to achieve in their “mind’s eye,” it seemed 17% easier to achieve and they moved 23% faster. Amazingly, people worked harder while it seemed easier.

“The COMPETE app is designed to transform the players ‘mind’s eye’ of their subjective perception of how hard it is,” LaPoint says. “In turn, it motivates them to play more and get better. When people have a method to measure success every day, it makes practice feel like game day. When competitors get detailed feedback on their performance every time they play, they will be motivated to pursue that sport further.”

Currently, LaPoint is in the process of fundraising to complete development of the proof of concept for COMPETE. Jabil, a fortune 500 technology company, has shown interest in assisting with development. A Go Fund Me campaign is in operation for investments to fund the project by September 2017, in hopes of full release to the public for play in the spring of 2018. A future Kickstarter campaign is being developed. Ownership opportunities in the business are available with larger investments. To contribute, go to

About Jennifer Leachman-LaPoint: LaPoint has been a professional water skier and icon of the sport for more than 30 years. Learning to ski on the Ohio River and launching her competitive career at age six, Leachman got her first professional break when she was asked to represent MasterCraft Skis, a young ski company being developed by Bob and Kris LaPoint. After tying her Women’s Slalom World Record (4 buoys @ 38 off), she changed gears and moved to Florida to ski year-round, and to become a full-time professional. In 1987, she opened O’Town WaterSports, which hosted some of the first slalom league and local professional wakeboard events. A few years later, she founded Women of Waterskiing, a grass-roots organization dedicated to teaching women and children to water ski. It later developed into Women of Water Sports - On Tour, the first all-women pro tour to save women’s professional water skiing from extinction after women were dropped from the existing televised pro tour. LaPoint has also been dedicated to the industry side of the sport, helping design many ski products for companies like O’Neil Wetsuits and Fogman Bindings. She also serves on the USA Waterski Board of Directors.