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Pro Slalom Run Order

Here's the Run Order for the 2007 Pro Slalom Shootout beginning tomorrow morning. Don't forget to tune into the live webcast of the Men's Open Slalom round and the first ever 38 Off Spin It to Win It event. Stay tuned for exclusive one-on-one interviews with the pros, in depth tours of the towboats and your chance to interact with the live webcast. You don't want to miss it!

31 Mike Dehlinger
30 Wade Williams
29 Tom Brantley
28 Harold Hintringer
27 Julien Beaufils
26 Jon Travers
25 Doug Ross
24 Seth Stisher
23 Andy Mapple
22 Todd Ristorcelli
21 Trent Finlayson
20 Hiroyuki Kurisawa
19 Ian Trapp
18 Billy Susi
17 Greg Sund
16 Nick Parsons
15 Kyle Eade
14 Thomas Moore
13 Steve Cockeram
12 Terry Winter
11 Marcus Brown
10 Glenn Campbell
9 Drew Ross
8 Wade Cox
7 Aaron Larkin
6 Chris Rossi
5 Chris Parrish
4 Thomas Degasperi
3 Jodi Fisher
2 Will Asher
1 Jamie Beachesne