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Fineline Industries Acquires Gekko

"This is a great day for Gekko and everyone in the Fineline family," declared Mark Overbye, founder of Gekko Sports. "Gekko was born in the Fineline factory back in 1994 and it's a natural fit in today's environment."

Recognized as a world class performer, Gekko recently pulled a World Championship event and has one of the few boats ever approved both by the AWSA and ABC as a record capable towboat approved for all tournament disciplines. Further, Gekko was the first towboat company to integrate aerospace design architecture in its REVO models, setting new standards in styling and distinctive appeal.

Today Gekko Sports joins Centurion boats under the Fineline Industries banner with factories in Merced, California and Woodland, North Carolina. Gekko boats will be produced in both locations. Production of Gekko's large backlog of boat orders is to begin immediately and the company expects to deliver boats in time for boat shows.

Recognized as an industry leader, Fineline brings Gekko's dealer network an established infrastructure and commitment to quality products. Certain efficiencies resulting from an alliance with of one of the industry's largest manufacturers benefits consumers, dealers and prospective accounts.

Mark Overbye will join Fineline's management team as Chief Marketing Officer, overseeing branding efforts and fostering growth for all brands under the Fineline umbrella.

The expansion of Fineline's industry footprint enhances the opportunity for all Fineline company dealers and consumers. With an aggressive growth mandate, Fineline's plans to intensify dealer relations, refine consumer reach and strive to become the vendor of choice is initiated by the acquisition of Gekko Sports.