#PassTheHandle - July 23, 2017 | Waterski Magazine

#PassTheHandle - July 23, 2017

Join WATERSKI and tons of skiers worldwide on July 23, 2017 for #PassTheHandle. It's time to open a seat in your boat to someone who’s never experienced towed water sports. With a few key points in mind, teaching a new skier can be relatively easy. Make it your mission to help us get as many new skiers atop the water in 24 hours as possible. Tag us with #passthehandle @waterski_ mag on Instagram to share the experience.

Passthehandle day

Mark your calendar for July 23, 2017. It's time to Pass The Handle.


Just in case you need a refresher on your instructing tips, follow these key points to increase your friend’s chances of success.

DRY LAND TECHNIQUE The first step to teaching a newbie the basics of a deepwater start is getting him (or her) familiar with the all-important balled-up position. Have him sit on the dock with his knees bent to his chest. Holding the handle, gently pull your new skier up to his feet, emphasizing a proud chest and upright head and shoulders. Remind him to press his chest into his knees as you pull him up to make sure that he doesn’t attempt to stand up too soon.

TO THE WATER When your buddy is comfortable with the concept of allowing the boat to slowly pull him up, help him get into the water with his skis on. Find a spot in waist-deep water where you can safely begin. Standing at his side, place one hand behind his knees and the other on the small of his back. Help him assume and maintain his compressed starting position. Feel free to remind him of the importance of bending his knees and relaxing his arms while keeping his weight on the balls of his feet as the boat gently pulls him up.

WORK THE THROTTLE The driver plays an integral role in the learning process. It’s important to utilize a smooth and steady increase in the throttle, even for a heavier skier. The most common mistake drivers make is trying to get the skier out of the water too abruptly. Be smooth with acceleration. Use the boat’s mirror to judge if the skier needs a little more or less speed based on body position as he emerges from the water.

TIE IT HIGH If your boat is equipped with a tower, attaching the rope high will make the learning curve easier. The upward pull from a higher towing point will help the skier plane earlier and easier.