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Pursuing a Passion

This photo, more than any other, might best define what it means to be a ­water-skier.

waterskiing Michigan

You can't see it from here, but that skier is grinning from ear to ear because he won the coin toss.

Jason Lee

It’s not just about the action, adrenaline and personal bests. It’s about being on the boat with friends in pursuit of a passion — and fun. It’s waking up at the crack of dawn and idling your boat across a foggy, glass-covered lake, knowing you’re about to score. It’s hopping in the still-calm water and feeling guilty you’re getting the first run — but not too guilty. It’s laughing like a school kid when you realize how lucky you are — and sharing that joy with friends. We all love pursuing that passion, whether we’re weekend warriors, competitive junkies or somewhere in between. In this case, these employees of the famed Tommy’s Slalom Shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, are lucky enough to call this “work.” Pursuit accomplished.