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MasterCraft Boats 2002 X-5

**Performance Incognito **

Core Slalom

MasterCraft says its X-5 gives great bang for the buck, having all the great skiing characteristics of the 19 Skier, but with the wakeboarding tower and style of the X-series boats. It is a unique boat in that it's a closed-bow inboard with a fairly small hull at 19 feet, 6 inches long and 85 inches wide. But it has killer wakeboarding graphics and a ZeroFlex Flyer tower with racks. It looks like a sweet wakeboarding boat - certainly something any rider would be proud to ride behind - and skis like a world-class tournament boat.          
The interior of this boat is fairly clean and simple. Its black, no-glare dash is highlighted by large dual speedos and a tach front and center for the serious skier. The rear seat converts to a respectable-sized sun deck under which a fat sac is easily stored. Of course, the X-5 features Indmar power, well-placed cup holders throughout the boat, and a Clarion waterproof stereo.     
We see this as a perfect boat for the core skier with a kid who wants to do some wakeboarding. It's a perfect multi-sport boat for a small family living on a small lake. While its wakes are more suited for multi-sport performance than pure wakeboarding, the X-5 gives riders on a more moderate budget the ability to have the MasterCraft X-series prestige. At right under $30,000, you get all the benefits of MasterCraft's construction, technology and, of course, the entire Mastercraft dealer and service network.   

Dual-purpose functionality - doubles as a tournament-level slalom ride with moderately small and soft wakes at all rope lengths.
X-series graphics make this boat look and feel totally ride-worthy.
Tracking and handling capabilities are among the best.
It is not a large boat for the amount of power available.
The board racks and tower have been redesigned with the X-series look.
Storage availability in the front of the boat is massive, providing plenty of room.

Rear storage only consists of glove box type storage atop the transom.
The dash is considerably high for shorter drivers.
Only offers one 12-volt adapter for cell phones or fat sacs.

Length 19 ft. 6 in.
Beam 85 in.
Seating Capacity 9
Fuel Capacity 31 gal.
Test Prop OJ 13 x 14 4-blade
Test Engine Indmar Predator 5.7L EFI-TBI, 310 HP
TOP SPEED 45.7 mph 4,650 rpm
ACCEL. TO 30 3.6 SEC. 84.02 ft.
ACCEL. TO 36 SEC. 138.27 ft.
Neutral 60 D 62 R
36 MPH 85 D 92 R