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2008 Boat Preview

Merry Christmas and happy New Year. Man, don't you wish it was warm enough to wakeboard? As long as there's so much of this gift giving going around, we thought we'd take a sneak peek at some of the new wakeboarding boats coming out in 2008 to spread the good cheer. These are the boats that have caught our eyes and whether the spring's first sessions will serve to train for the pro tour or work out those rookie mistakes, these boats all have something special to offer.

**Moomba Mobius XLV


_Why It Has Our Attention
The 2008 edition of the Mobius XLV is the new-and-improved version of the 2007 model, and the designers at Skier's Choice concentrated on renovating the hull, updating the interior and generally improving the exterior and look of the boat. The new hull is designed for larger wakes with less ballast, which allows better fuel efficiency.

**Pulling a Pro
**A lot of attention was put into reforming the hull so that the wake produced was as textbook perfect as possible. The deadrise and rocker is designed to create the ideal shape with a balance of nice transition and vertical lip. This intricate engineering and attention to detail is sure to appeal to the advanced rider looking for a high-quality and consistent ride every time.

Pulling a Joe
The improved wake won't just appeal to the pro, but will provide great conditions to learn on. But if you're more of a novice, you and your family might be more impressed with the attention given to the interior and the smooth ride the Mobius XLV provides. It'll feel like you're behind a tournament-quality boat, while still giving everyone the comfort they need while watching you try to nail that wake jump for the first time.

**Length: 23 ft.
Width: 98 in.
Draft 26 in.
Seating capacity: 16
Fuel capacity: 40 gal.
Horsepower: 325 (409)
Ballast: 650 lbs. (1,950 lbs.)

For more information: www.moomba.com

MasterCraft CSX**


_**Why It Has Our Attention
**At least in my head, this is how it all went down. Two MasterCraft designers are trying to come up with their next boat design. One says, "So do you want to make a fishing boat? Ski? How about wake or just recreational?" The other looks at him and says, "Yes." Thus the CSX was born. The only center console inboard we looked at, the CSX is also the most versatile. With the right options you can not only wakeboard, but ski, fish, cruise and carry mountain bikes and even kayaks.

Pulling a Pro
The CSX was designed as a multipurpose boat, but wakeboarding and other wake sports were on the top of the priority list. And the fact that it's a center console inboard that focuses so much on making killer wake is so unique that even the pros will want to check it out. MasterCraft pro riders rank its wake just barely behind their X-Stars in terms of shape, ramp, lip, size, width and transition.

Pulling a Joe
The CSX is all about options. Someone learning the finer points of wakeboarding will certainly want a boat that will give them the pull and the wake they need, but with this boat you're not limited to that. It's a great family option because it can handle so many activities, like diving, fishing, skiing, camping or just getting lost exploring waterways. Think of the CSX as a Swiss Army boat.

Length: 21 ft. 5 in.
Width: 101.25 in.
Draft: 28 in.
Seating capacity: 12
Fuel capacity: 57 gal.
Horsepower: 310 (400)
Ballast: 1,000 lbs.

For more information: www.mastercraft.com

Tigé RZ4**


_Why It Has Our Attention
The 24-foot RZ4, big brother to last year's 22-foot RZ2, uses its truly unique hull design called the ConvexV, which is not only an homage to fast Italian cars, but a clever bit of engineering that lets the boat perform and throw just as much wake as other boats with little or no ballast needed. And it makes the boat spacious enough for passengers to stretch their legs while waiting for their turn.

Pulling a Pro
If you're throwing up whirly 5s and toeside 9s, chances are you'll go with the optional ballast system to get the kind of wake you need. But the amazing thing about the RZ4 is that you don't need much. The ConvexV hull shape makes the boat naturally sit deep in the rear. In addition, Tigé includes a TAPS² plate to control the wake shape.

Pulling a Joe
On the other hand, if you aren't expecting sponsorship anytime soon, you probably don't need the ballast system at all. While other boats need extra weight to make any kind of ridable wake at all, the RZ4 can do wonders with just the hull and the TAPS², which means riding behind this boat is just plain simpler. And hey, if you do end up progressing past what the RZ4 can naturally give, there's room for 17, so just call some friends and load up.

Length: 24 ft.
Width: 102 in.
Draft: 18 in.
Seating capacity: 17
Fuel capacity: 48 gal.
Horsepower: 320 (400)
Ballast: None (900 lbs.)

For more information: www.tige.com

Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV


_Why It Has Our Attention
Sporting a completely new hull design and accommodating 14, the Wakesetter 23 LSV is made with a perfect harmony of great control, comfortable ride and killer wakes in mind. Emulating the fierce look of the 247 LSV, the 23 adds a new frameless-vented windshield for a look all its own. As good as it looks, what catches our eyes are the up to 1,350 pounds of ballast, ballast monitoring system, Precision Pro Speed Control and especially the rider presets.

**Pulling a Pro
**There's plenty of ballast to distribute, a monitoring system to make sure it's perfect, speed control and an adjustable power wedge. That's a lot to customize, so Malibu added LCD switch panels to control it all. An advanced rider can tweak every aspect of the boat's wake and ride to perfectly suit his or her ride style or even adjust everything especially to work on a new trick or move. Best of all, custom settings can be saved into the system so each rider can have a signature ride at the touch of a button.

Pulling a Joe
All the options and customization sounds great but could easily confuse — or downright scare — someone just learning to cross the wake. That's where the presets come in. Punch up the LCD and set the boat to the factory-set beginner setting and a new rider gets the smoothest ride possible. Intermediate and advanced presettings will help a boarder progress, without requiring so much experimentation with ballast and wedge settings. Just set it, forget it and rip it.

Length: 23 ft.
Width: 102 in.
Draft: 27 in.
Seating capacity: 14
Fuel capacity: 55 gal.
Horsepower: 340 (450)
Ballast: 1,000 lbs. (1,350 lbs.)

For more information: www.malibuboats.com