Best Of Ski Boats 2011: Best Ski Boat And Wakeboard Boat Features

Best Of Ski Boats 2011: Features

The innovative features available on today’s ski boats allow you to enhance your boat’s performance, convenience and appearance like never before. Whether you’re just looking to add a couple of extra accessories or want to totally trick out your new ski boat with maximum bling, check out these noteworthy features offered in 2011.

ChillAX Walk-Through Seating

It’s always sweet to have a couple extra seats in your boat, especially in prime position to view the rider, but such a feature usually involves some pretty hefty design changes. However, with Axis Boats' new ChillAX seating, you can score two new places to sit with a simple flick of your wrist. The cushions in the walk-through are split and supported with stainless-steel hinges, allowing you to easily flip them upright to create both a rear-facing observer seat and a front-facing bow seat. These additional seats are covered with super-comfortable G&T marine vinyl and offer full support, so your entire crew can relax and enjoy the ride without tweaking their backs. ChillAX seating is an optional feature on the Axis A20 and Axis A22.


With the new TigeTouch, operating your ski boat or wakeboard boat is as quick and easy as using an iPhone. As the industry’s first touch-screen control system, TigeTouch allows you to fill and drain ballast tanks, access engine-monitoring systems, create and edit rider profiles and crank up your boat’s audio system — all with a simple tap of a finger. After a long day on the water, just touch the screen to turn on your tower lights and pilot your ski boat back to the dock with TigeTouch’s built-in chart-plotting feature. Or watch the day’s best sessions using the optional tower-mounted video camera. And for the ultimate in customization, you can create up to 20 unique rider profiles that store everything from speed and ballast levels to the Taps2 hydraulic wake plate settings. TigeTouch is a standard feature on Tige Boats' RZ and Vé series and is optional on the Tige Z1.

Tige Boats Platinum Edition

To celebrate 20 years in business, Tige Boats is stoking out customers with its new Platinum Anniversary Edition. This special-edition package includes virtually all of Tige’s top options — from the 2,000-pound pro factory ballast system and PCM’s 6-liter, 409-horsepower ZR engine to the Alpha Z tower with color-coordinated swivel board racks and a tower camera. This awesome anniversary gift also comes with a stunning new look, complete with an exclusive graphic, a custom gel coat and pearl metallic accents. On the interior, the new edition offers special vinyl textures complemented by 20th -anniversary-logo snap-out carpet and stainless-steel grab handles. The platinum-edition package is an optional upgrade on all wakeboard boats in Tige’s RZ series.

Power Tower

With MasterCraft’s new ZFT 5p tower, or Power Tower, you no longer have to get out of your seat to raise or lower your tower — all you have to do is flip a switch. As the industry’s first electronically controlled tower, the Power Tower allows you to quickly and easily put your ski boat or wakeboard boat into a garage or dry-stack storage without breaking the tower down by hand. Plus, the powered tower makes it just as easy to navigate your wakeboard boat under low bridges. And even when the Power Tower is completely lowered, you still have unobstructed access to the rear storage areas and can fully operate the rotating board racks. Better still, the tower’s three height settings allow the Bimini top to be lowered halfway, providing better coverage from the sun or rain. The Power Tower is optional on MasterCrafts in the V and X series as well as the MasterCraft ProStar 214 and MasterCraft ProStar 214v.

Height-Adjustable Driver’s Seat

When you drive a ski boat, you want the cockpit to provide the maximum in both comfort and safety, and Supra Boats' new height-adjustable driver’s seat delivers exactly that. Boasting the luxury feel of an executive office chair, this first-of-its-kind seat not only swivels effortlessly but also raises or lowers a full 5 inches. With a wide range of movement, this new seat allows drivers of any size to deliver the perfect pull. The new adjustable seat comes standard on all Supra Boats models except for the Supra Sunscape 20V.

Progressive Tower

Supra Boats' new Progressive Tower offers an ultra-solid pull, it’s a snap to use and it’s rocking a smooth, stylish design. It's black powder-coated finish will not only turn heads on the water, but is also built to last. The rigid, single-support design rises seamlessly above the main cabin for unobstructed walk-around room. Function-wise, you can fully load it with a diverse array of killer add-ons, like the Z-5 cargo rack, Roswell’s four-speaker light bar and Star One’s new swivel board racks, which can carry all of your toys, from wakeboards to wakeskates and even wakesurf boards. The Progressive Tower comes standard on all Supra Boats except the Sunscape 20V.

Malibu Touch Command

The crew at Malibu Boats has taken its boats into the digital age with the new Malibu Touch Command (MTC). Offering an iPad-like touch-screen interface, MTC eliminates the need for old-school mechanical dash displays cluttered with toggle and rocker switches. Instead, the new touch screen provides high-resolution graphic menus of the boat’s control systems, putting complete control of the lighting systems, coded keyless ignition, Power Wedge, ballast adjustment and GPS navigation at your fingertips. About the only thing you can’t do with MTC is log on to your Facebook page. Touch Command comes standard on the Response, Sunscape and Wakesetter series.


There’s no need to invest in pricey action-sport cameras when you’ve got Malibu Boats' new Flo-Cam. The Flo-Cam, a rearview camera system that works with Malibu’s award-winning G3 tower pylon, rotates smoothly with the rope to capture vibration-free video of the rider’s entire on-the-water performance. The Flo-Cam’s angle can also be adjusted to film directly behind the boat for wakesurfing, and it can even be removed from the tower and mounted on your helmet or board to capture video from the rider’s perspective. You can play back footage on MaliView’s 6.5-inch, full-color dash screen or use the included 2GB SD card to view and edit footage on a PC or a Mac. The new Flo-Cam is an optional feature on all Malibu boats.

New Look

For 2011, every Moomba ski boat and wakeboard boat is sporting a bold new look both inside and out. A new gel coat pattern provides more freedom than ever to artfully customize your boat’s exterior. Choose from an eclectic array of gel coat hues, including the new celestial blue and sundance yellow, to color everything from the hull and deck to the main panel and accent. On the inside, new carpet and vinyl accent colors, along with the new all-black trim and windshield, ensure that the boat’s interior is just as eye-catching as its exterior. For maximum bling, go for Moomba’s new appearance-package option, which comes with a special gel coat, colored rub rail, stainless-steel pull-out cleats and the Moomba chrome logo. The New Look is standard on all Moombas.

V2 Tower

The simple yet elegant design of the new V2 tower enhances both form and function of Moomba’s 2011 models. The V2’s aerodynamic, swooped-forward design, which is secured to the hull without any front supports, provides the driver with a totally unobstructed view of the water, while its jet-black color stylishly matches Moomba’s new black trim package. Moreover, the V2 offers spring-assisted folding, so you can easily break it down with a quick pull of the pin. For added utility and value, the tower comes standard with a custom Bimini top and board racks. The V2 is an optional feature on all boats in Moomba’s Mobius series.

Flight Control Tower

For 2011, Nautique Boats further enhanced its highly popular Flight Control Tower (FCT) by giving it two different height settings. The first setting lets you lower the tower halfway down, so you can easily navigate under bridges without an obstructed view. The second setting lowers the tower all the way down, so you can clear standard garage doors with ease. The new FCT comes with a spring-assisted folding system and integrated accent lighting, and it’s pre-wired for stereo speakers and other accessories. The Flight Control tower is an optional feature on the Sport Nautique 216 and 226, along with the Super Air Nautique 210 and 230.