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Water Skiing is in my Blood

Water skiing is in my blood. There really isn’t any other way to put it.


The Cortese brothers on the California Delta, circa 1960. Times and styles were much different, but the love for being on the water remains the same.

Cortese Family

Getting pulled behind a boat on skis — or any other apparatus — has been passed down from generation to generation in my family. Having grown up near the coast of California, just outside San Francisco, people often ­expect surfing to be how I identify myself. Or maybe ­Silicon Valley tech or some ­Haight-Ashbury vibes. But my most vivid childhood memories aren’t of the ocean or even the multicultured streets of the City by the Bay. They’re of the Delta and Lake Shasta, and being on the boat with my family. They’re of skiing on my dad’s shoulders before finally getting up on my own. They’re of getting towed on a banana tube into the oncoming rollers of giant cabin cruisers. They’re of my dad taking laps around the endlessly glassy sloughs, turn after turn after turn.

While my professional history in watersports and magazines lies in wakeboarding, it is because of water skiing, and this magazine in particular, that I got there in the first place. My dad started subscribing to WaterSki before I was born, and through reading the issues, early seeds were planted in my mind about what could possibly be when I grew up. To be sitting here now, helping guide this franchise, is truly an honor and a task I don’t take lightly. The history of WaterSki is nearly as rich as that of the sport itself. It is a history I will strive to honor while also looking toward the future and hopefully ­helping the sport reach more people.

As you read through this first issue of the year, you will notice a lot of change to the look of things. This new design is one that has been in the works long before my time at the magazine started, but it is one I embrace fully and am excited to deliver to you now. The logo, while modern, also has a subtle nod to WaterSki’s past. Our goal going into the redesign was to evoke the feeling of ­water skiing. You know what I’m talking about — that feeling that can’t really be described, but you can’t ever get enough of it. It’s part nostalgia and part possibility. Part work, but 100 percent pure joy. As we put this issue together, I got that feeling, and I believe with each turn of the page you will too. Chances are, if you’re here, water skiing is in your blood as well. I hope you enjoy this first issue of the new WaterSki, and I hope to continue to evoke that magical feeling in each issue that follows.