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2016 Water Sports Gear Guide: Accessories

Essential products to enhance your experience n the water.

Water sports accessories can enhance your experience on the water; your day won’t be ruined without them, but you can be almost guaranteed they will make your day a little better. While gloves, handles, board racks and ropes all fall into this category, we’re showcasing a wider range of goods that we feel would be great additions the next time you’re out on the lake.

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For example, it’s almost a given your smartphone goes everywhere you do, so why not protect that beloved piece of equipment with a waterproof, shockproof case? There’s also a wide array of add-ons for your GoPro that will allow you to capture an even more impressive POV angle. Wearables like boardshorts, towels and floats are also must-have items for spending time on the water.

There’s plenty to feast your eyes on in this section, so start making your list.

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