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Ski Review: 2008 Goode 9800 SL

The Goode 9800 SL's asymmetric design is yet another example of Dave Goode's endless pursuit of innovation. In addition to being incredibly light and coming in various flex patterns for different skill and weight levels, the SL comes in right-foot-forward and left-foot-forward versions. These versions are designed to equalize a skiers turns on both sides of the lake.

Skiers with a wide variety of styles will find they can be immediately comfortable on the 9800 SL. Technical skiers who maintain a neutral stance and ski with an unhurried tempo will find exceptional speed, angle and width. Turns on both sides of the lake are symmetrical, smooth and carving.  This ski offers world-class performance to all levels of skiers, although it's unusually sensitive to fin and binding settings. To increase performance and prevent issues with skiers not mounting their bindings properly, Goode has engineered a universal binding mounting system that attaches to the ski without the need for drilling holes.

Sizes: 62", 64.25", 65.75", 66.5", 67.25", 68.5"

Price: $1,290

"This ski is very user-friendly. Right from the beginning, the ski was stable and predictable. This ski is by far the most symmetrical ski I have ever ridden." — Dave Button

"I would recommend this ski to anyone — from just running the course down to shorter line lengths. It's a very user-friendly ski that would suit many skiing styles. It has a large sweet spot and is very forgiving. It just skis well." — Laura Johnson

"The great acceleration and the ability to generate superb angle at the finish of the turn allows the skier to really make up time in the course. The SL is definitely on my list for my next ski." — Brian Fielding


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