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Ski Review: 2008 O'Brien Sixam SS

The SS is the third generation of the groundbreaking O'Brien Sixam skis. This ski is full of speed and is comfortable right out of the box. By maintaining consistent water speed and offering smooth turns on both sides, the SS simply puts the skier at ease.

With new-school or old-school technique, this ski offers the skier a great deal of latitude. With aggressive new-school technique, it displays additional ultra-shortline capabilities without noticeably penalizing less technical or old-school skiers. The SS delivers exceptional width regardless of skiing style. As with most skis, it carves a tighter arc with more weight on the front, but is less critical than most.

As opposed to a hard and fast finish turn, the SS turns more progressively and continues to increase angle all the way to the wakes. If you are looking for a ski to offer forgiveness when you are in trouble, there is no better ski than the SS.

Sizes: 66", 67.5", 69"

Price: $1,099.99


"The SS is not only fast but its specialty is turning nice arcs and finishing with a tight line. This ski turns better than any ski I've ever been on." — Bradley Beach

"Some skis should come with instructions, like 'Ride me center/forward' or 'Ride me center/back.' The Sixam SS should just have top graphics that read 'Let's just go skiing.' is fast, responsive, predictable and doesn't punish a skier who has not embraced the latest techniques." —_ Bill Barton_

"I think skiers with a variety of styles will feel comfortable on this ski — but it shines with a neutral to forward stance. The ski will cast out wide and finish with consistent angle on both sides."

Stephanie Stange


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