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Sneak Peek: 2011 Ski Preview

In this water ski equipment preview, get a first look at five all-new 2011 slalom skis, including the Connelly V, D3 X7, HO Sports Syndicate A2, O'Brien Elite Alpha and Radar Senate-C.

2011 Connelly V slalom ski

2011 Connelly V slalom ski

The Connelly V slalom ski's design incorporates six steps in the tunnel of the ski, which are intended to reduce drag and help the skier maintain speed through the turn. Team skier Jamie Beauchesne helped by doing R&D on the water. After experimenting with many designs, Connelly says this is its smoothest, most forgiving 34 mph ski.

Sizes: 65”, 67”, 69”

2011 D3 X7 slalom ski

Famous for its user-friendly feel on the water, D3 could set the bar for ease of use with the all-new D3 X7 slalom ski. The D3 X7 is a blend of two popular skis in the lineup — incorporating the Z7 ST’s rocker profile and the X5’s larger bevels. D3 says the D3 X7 is ideal for the skier who prefers predictability over speed and it performs best when skied aggressively.

Sizes: 64”, 65”, 66”, 67”, 68”

2011 HO Syndicate A2 slalom ski

2011 HO Sports Syndicate A2 slalom ski

The HO Syndicate A2 slalom ski is the next evolution of slalom skis from Team Syndicate and legend Bob LaPoint. Based on the winning formula of the Syndicate A1 and its high-end and reactive core material, the HO Syndicate A2 has a variable concave design that changes from the tip to tail, which HO Sports says gives the Syndicate A2 the best combination of speed, grip and freeness on the water.

Sizes: 64.5”, 65.5”, 66.5”, 67.5”

2011 O\

2011 O'Brien Elite Alpha slalom ski

O’Brien's all-new state-of-the-art high-end slalom ski, the 2011 O’Brien Elite Alpha features O’Brien’s new Resin Transfer Molding process, which wraps the O’Brien Elite Alpha’s ultra-low-density, lightweight PVC core with aerospace carbon fiber before vacuuming all the air from the mold and injecting a high-grade epoxy resin. The lack of any voids or air pockets results in a consistent flex, rocker and weight, and the fully wrapped carbon with no flash lines makes the O’Brien Elite Alpha up to 50 percent stronger than compression-molded skis. The Andy Mapple-engineered flex pattern of the O’Brien Elite Alpha features a longer area for the ski to flex right in the center of the flat spot, which yields a much larger “sweet spot.”

Sizes: 65.5”, 67”, 68.5”

2011 Radar Senate-C slalom ski

Radar Senate-C

Designed with the serious 34-mph tournament skier in mind, the all-new 2011 Radar Senate-C slalom ski is made with the same 100-percent carbon laminates as the all-star Radar Strada. At only 0.2 inches wider than the Radar Strada, the Radar Senate-C’s universal shape is meant to add stability, while the high-end core material and competition bevels allow the ski to be reactive and easy to turn and hold angle.

Sizes: 65”, 67”, 69”


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