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First Look: 2012 Connelly Skis Water Ski Gear

Check out the newest gear for 2012 from Connelly Skis, including skis, bindings, vests and gloves.

Water Skis

2012 Connelly Skis Prophecy

Running into 41’ off consistently requires extreme talent and an extreme ski, which is why Jamie Beauchesne's signature Prophecy is more than 90% carbon to withstand the test of time. In fact, Prophecy comes with a lifetime warranty. Each one is flex tested, rocker checked, weighed and serial numbered to validate Connelly's high standards, resulting in a user-friendly, balanced ski with side-to-side constancy. For 2012, Connelly added three V-steps to the hull to increase the efficiency of water flow. Fast, smooth and predictable, the Prophecy offers the biggest sweet spot on the market and has a wake-to-wake angle you have previously only dreamed about.

2012 Connelly Skis Carbon V

The best 34 mph ski on the market, Carbon V has a super light density foam core and is wrapped with 70% carbon for a light, fast feel on the water. The carbon provides stiffness that delivers unreal speed out of the turn, and six V-shaped steps are molded into the hull for more efficient water flow. A narrow tail lets the ski sit deep in the turns, while a slightly wider tip provides surface area for a smooth, non-critical turn. This ski is exactly what tournament level 34-mph skiers are looking for – wide, early and forgiving.

2012 Connelly Skis V

The most innovative ski design in 15 years, V is the most forgiving and comfortable 34 mph ski on the market thanks to step technology. Less wetted surface area means more efficient water flow with less drag, resulting in a freer feeling on the water. Add a slightly wider ski, a softer flex pattern and a proven rocker line and you have the perfect ski.

2012 Connelly Skis HP

An amazing traditional intermediate ski, the HP is smooth and forgiving. The shallow and narrow tunnel stabilizes the ski for just cruising the lake, and allows for carving huge turns into the late afternoon. Well suited for all water conditions, HP delivers pure enjoyment for the recreational skier with versatility that is second to none.

2012 Connelly Skis SP

The SP takes the best features in ski design from the Concept and alters the flex pattern for the ladies. The softer layup and forgiving ski design make for a smooth day on the lake for women of all skill levels. With soft, round bevels and a large flat spot under the bindings, the SP delivers smooth carving turns, superior tracking and stability whether this is your first slalom or your first set through the local course.

2012 Connelly Skis Outlaw

Shaped skis have revolutionized water skiing, and the Outlaw is no exception. The wider tip and tail create added surface area that improves deep water starts and allows smoothness and effortless performance up into the 32 mph range.

Water Ski Bindings

2012 Connelly Skis Stealth

The ultimate in binding systems, Stealth delivers unmatched lateral support for maximum power and ski control. Fogman and Connelly produced a hard shell binding on a releasable mono plate fixed between spring-loaded release units designed to release from the ski in the event of the crash, keeping the feet together in the bindings. Stealth is the only system that offers adjustable multiple angle release.

2012 Connelly Skis Talon

New for 2012, the Talon is designed with proven features to ensure longevity, performance and fit. The boots are interchangeable left or right, and the metal base plate is the only component that makes the Talon front or rear, allowing the design to be as form fitted as your shoes. The heel and toe are lycra lined and EVA enveloped for unbelievable support, while dual laces allow for custom adjustment. Complete comfort with no pressure points means total control transferred to the ski.

2012 Connelly Skis Talon RTP

New for 2012, this rear toe plate features a big thick foot pad for extreme comfort. The toe and lace adjust over the toe is simple and easy to operate, making the one-size-fits-all Talon RTP the perfect blend of freedom, comfort and support for high-end skiers.

2012 Connelly Skis Sidewinder

The Sidewinder is a comfortable, performance-minded binding that features Connelly's patented Hinge Tech, allowing the skier to effortlessly step into the binding and secure it with zero heel lift. This is the first and only step-in water ski binding at a value price. Molded-in Achilles pads hold your heel solidly in place while a lycra-lined heel and toe hold your foot snug and secure.


2012 Connelly Skis Prophecy

• Full palm and finger stitched Kevlar for an ultimate grip

• Raised silicone finger tip texture for extra handle torque

• Ergonomic flex zones, shaped palm and velcro strap for increased comfort and hold

• Molded neoprene moto-styled finger protection

• Skin-tight tournament pro fit

• Pre-curved fingers and neoprene back


2012 Connelly Skis Hingeflex

The cut and segmentation of foam panels in this center-zip vest were designed for maximum movement and superior comfort. The Hingeflex is fully padded and USCG Approved, so it will keep you afloat even after a hard fall.

• Oversize arm holes

• Partially hidden straps with side release buckles

• Mesh drain holes

2012 Connelly Skis Men's Classic Vest

We took all the features of our high end vests and applied them to this USCG-approved, front-zip model for those skiers who prefer a traditional closure layout. The flex design in the front panels gives today’s skiers a vest that maximizes mobility and offers superior comfort while skiing.

• Oversize arm holes

• Perfect match for many Connelly Ski products

• Deep flex channels in front for freedom of movement


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