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O'Brien Elite Slalom Water Ski 2010

Andy Mapple // O\

Water Ski Review

O'Brien Skis

2010 O'Brien Elite Slalom Water Ski

Sizes: 66”, 67”, 68”

MSRP (blank): $1,999

Team skier: Andy Mapple

WS: What is the O'Brien Elite slalom water ski's single best performance feature?

AM: The specific tip geometry on the O'Brien Elite allows a very consistent flex from the front boot to the tip. This allows the tip to stay in the water throughout the turn without needing to “wheelie” to shed excess pressure. Additionally, I’d have to say it’s the ski’s agility.

WS: How does the O'Brien Elite slalom water ski accommodate your particular style/method?

AM: I like a ski to carry speed through the turns, because the less speed I have to bleed off to make a turn, the faster I will get to the other side. The Elite is incredibly quick and responsive; this allows me to correct my mistakes.

WS: Is there a particular skiing style the O'Brien Elite is best suited for?

AM: I don’t really buy into the “style of skier for a certain ski” theory. I can say the Elite is very balanced, and it will actually adjust the skier’s position to find its sweet spot.

WS: How close to the factory settings is your setup?

AM: I run my fin a bit deeper and a little shorter than stock.

Andy Mapple’s fin settings

Depth: 2.514”

Length: 6.841”

Distance from tail: .775”


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