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Eight Products to Enhance Your Time on the Water

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The graphics alone are enough to make any young slalom skier stoked to get on the water.


Take a look at these eight featured waterski products to enhance your waterski experience.

Total Radar Awesomeness

Radar Waterskis

Awesomeness by Total Radar


The graphics alone are enough to make any young slalom skier stoked to get on the water. Better yet, the user-friendly shape and high-performance riding characteristics will leave plenty of growing room for your junior to progress without needing another ski for several years.

MSRP: $329
Sizes: 63", 65"

Perfect Pass Star Gazer 3-event

Perfect Pass Waterski

Perfect Pass Star Gazer 3-event GPS system


There’s nothing quite like the consistency of GPS speed control! Built for both mechanical throttle and drive-by-wire boats, the Star Gazer 3-Event system offers a world-class pull at the touch of a button.

MSRP: $1,349

Roswell Nighthawk 4S

Roswell Boat Speakers

Roswell Nighthawk 4S Speaker and Lighting System


Set the mood with Roswell’s premium audio and light combination. Easily assembled with only four bolts and eight wires, it features four Focal speakers, three rotating spotlights and two ambient interior LED lights.

MSRP: $2,499

Goode Powershell 5

Waterski Bindings

Powershell 5 by Goode


Goode’s releasable double-boot system offers impressive control and responsiveness, while providing great comfort. Say goodbye to cramping feet, and enjoy maximum angle-generating power with this pro-approved setup.

MSRP: $650

Performance LGS Surf Rope

wakesurf handles

Performance LGS Surf Rope


This 8-inch synthetic leather-grip handle is extremely comfortable. It’s connected to a large spiral rope braid with durable poly-e for extra security. Plus, it features a bungee section, so it has the perfect amount of give.

MSRP: $50

Radar Stand Up Paddleboard

Radar Meridian Touring

Radar Meridian Touring


Made of carbon-laminate construction, Radar’s lightweight and durable race-style stand-up paddleboard is available in two sizes (12'6", 14"), It’s a great platform for a warm-up before your ski ride — or just to explore the lake.

MSRP: $1,600

O’Brien Beck

OBrien wakesurfer

The Beck wakesurfer by O'Brien


The Beck offers the ideal combination of float and bite to entertain a full arsenal of tricks. It’s really light, and it comes with a variety of FCS surf-style fins to customize your ride.

MSRP: $600

Connelly Towables

Connelly Coupe de Thrill

Connelly Coupe de Thrill four-rider tube


Hold on tight because Connelly’s four-rider tube is ready to give you a fun fight. The tapered front-to-back design sets you up for a fast ride, and the padded handles with knuckle guards will come in handy when you take the whip of your life!

MSRP: $230


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