How To Barefoot Ski Behind A Plane | How To Barefoot Waterski

How To Barefoot Behind A Plane

Most of us have been caught in this position before: You’re barefooting on the lake with your friends when an ultralight aircraft suddenly swoops in and offers to take everyone for a ski. All of your friends know how to barefoot ski from the plane, but you’re clueless. Talk about embarrassing! In this water ski how to, you'll learn the five simple steps that will have you barefoot skiing behind a plane in no time, and you’ll never have to suffer such needless shame again.

Step One

With the handle attached to the bottom of the plane and the plane flying 40 feet above the water, position the boat beneath the plane so the skier can reach up and grab the handle as it passes overhead.

Step Two

The moment the skier has a grip on the handle, he must be ready to jump. There’s no thinking or worrying involved — just jump off the boat into the water.

Step Three

The speed will range from 35 to 55 mph, so time the landing appropriately and hold on for dear life.

Step Four

The skier should concentrate on ignoring the plane’s drastic changes in speed and height while keeping his feet in contact with the water.

Step Five

Smile for the camera, and try to look like you’re having fun!


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