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Goode Introduces Their Newest Slalom Ski At Nationals

Goode Skis Press Release:

The Nano OneXT is the next evolution of the world record breaking, performance-proven Nano One.  The Nano OneXT introduces the groundbreaking AsymRocker, an asymmetrical rocker technology that will forever change ski design. The  flatter rocker profile provides for more cross-course speed while keeping the turns smooth and consistent side-to-side. The Nano OneXT also features enhanced Genius Bevels which work in perfect harmony with the AsymRocker™ and legendary Nano One shape.


**The Nano OneXT introduces the industry's first AsymRocker, an asymmetrical rocker technology. Using a propriety production method, we created a longer rocker on the offside, and a_shorter_ rocker on the onside, completely eliminating any differences between the two turns. No matter which side of the course you are on, the ski’s all-important “kick point” has the right amount of rocker in it, leading to better, smoother and more consistent turns that build angle and add buoys.

**Genius Bevels

**The new enhanced bevels on the Nano OneXT feature a sharper bottom edge which allows the ski to track better up course, while drastically reducing down-course slipping that makes skiers late and narrow.  You’ll experience an easy, comfortable, yet extremely stable and solid connection to the water that gives you more confidence and quicker edge-to-edge performance throughout the turn and as you build angle across the wake.

**One Shape

**The Nano OneXT features the same ski shape as the Nano One - narrower than the mid and wider than traditional – that fits into a category of its own. Skiers of all types will immediately feel the One Shape’s phenomenal turning performance, tighter radius, and bigger sweet spot. Designed to keep the ski moving through the turn, this new shape is ridiculously easy and forgiving to ski while at the same time solid and smooth.

**Nano Carbon Construction**** - Lighter****

**It was an industry first when we introduced our innovative nano carbon fiber construction. Now it’s undisputedly proven to enhance performance. GOODE skis constructed from nano carbon fiber and resin have higher strength-to-weight ratios and are lighter and stronger than skis built from traditional carbon fiber. Nano carbon raises the performance bar to a higher level.

Additional Features

  • Asymmetric design – available in right, left, or neutral stances.

  • Each Nano OneXT comes factory installed with brass inserts that are a fraction of the weight of those used by other manufacturers.  They use the GOODE pattern and are compatible with most popular bindings.

  • Precision finbox.

  • Five-year warranty.

  • 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Handmade in Ogden, Utah, U.S.A.

Recommended ski selection guide for the Nano OneXT  based on skier's weight

  • 64″ – Skier's weight up to 155 pounds-

  • 65.25″ – Skier's weight up to 195 pounds

  • 66″ – Skier's weight between 165 to 220 pounds

  • 66.75″ – Skier's weight 195 pounds and up.


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