Regina Jaquess Sets Pending World Slalom Record | Waterski Video

Regina Jaquess Sets Pending World Slalom Record

Regina Jaquess no question is in a a league of her own at the moment. She currently holds the women's world slalom record with a huge score of 3 at 41off and just upped it by a half a buoy this past weekend at Cedar Ridge Lakes in Canton, Missouri to 3 1/2 at 41off .

Although men ski at 36mph and women at 34mph only a hand full of men have even made it around 4 buoy at 41off. Pretty impressive skiing for someone whose only 5' 4"!

Watch the current pending world record of Regina Jaquess >>

Here Jaquess cheering as she broke a new course record at the 55th Masters just a few weeks prior to setting a new pending world slalom record. photo: Todd Ristorcelli


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