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Lauren Morgan: Rooted In Greatness

Lauren “Poochie” Morgan has water-ski greatness in her blood. Her father, Mike Morgan, was one of pro slalom’s elite during the ’90s. Now it’s Lauren’s turn. This year, she earned her first pro jump title in Moscow and a podium finish in Mandurah, Australia. At just 20 years old, Lauren is quickly creating her own legacy. By Trent Finlayson

photo: Bill Doster

Premium Pedigree

“My dad taught me to ski a few days after I watched him ski his final U.S. Open. He placed third behind Andy Mapple and Chris Parrish. I was so excited I made him promise to teach me as soon as we got home.”

Will Ski for Fur

“When I was 9, my parents told me I could get a dog if I learned to run the course. After a few days and a few tries, the dog was mine. He’s still alive today.”

Wheels in Motion

“I always knew I wanted to be a professional skier; it was all around me. I used to dream of being in this magazine and on top of the podium.”

Breaking Out

“I had the specific goal of winning a pro event this year, and I knew I could do it, but the feeling was overwhelming. I was way more excited than I thought I would be.”


Once a Poochie

“I’ll always be Poochie. My dad gives everyone nicknames, and none of them make any sense. He named me Poochie when I was a kid, and it just stuck”

Fashion Police

“My dad was kind of famous for his short slalom shorts. I put an end to it though. They may still be short, but at least they’re longer than mine now.”

LeBron Lover

“I am a huge Miami Heat fan. When I’m not skiing, I’m watching basketball or football or both. Sports are just a huge part of my life.”


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