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Best Of Thomas Gustafson 2010

Check out WATERSKI senior photographer Thomas Gustafson's best water skiing pictures of 2010. With the year coming to a close, we asked Gustafson to pull his favorite water skiing pictures of the year, and the Swedish photographer and ski coach handed over some epic shots of Will Asher, Chris Rossi, Jason Seels, Clementine Lucine and more top skiers. Check them out on the following pages, then head to to see more incredible water ski pictures and buy high-quality prints as gifts for the holidays.

Jon Travers

Zack Worden

Will Asher

Ty Oppenlander

Seth Stisher

Nicole Arthur

Matteo Ianni

Mariya Veramchuk

Jodi Fisher

Jason Seels

Harry Hebdon

Franz Oberlitner

Fabrizio Merlo

Clementine Lucine

Chris Rossi

Cathryn Humphrey

Carlo Alias

Boris Laval and Hanna Edeback

Aleksei Zharnasek


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