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Four Winns 180 Horizon

All in the Family
This boat can handle anything you and your shipmates dream up.

WSM: What makes this a skiable, wakeboardable boat?
Four Winns: First, the hull surface we use is called the ?stable-V-three.? It has to do with the variable dead rise from the bow to the stern. The most visible things on it are the integrated aft pods. As opposed to having your drive at the transom, ours is actually tucked forward. It almost looks like two large integrated trim tabs. The idea behind those is two-fold: it allows the boat to plane at slower speeds and, once at speed, it acts like a stepped hull to actually break free of the water. Since it maintains speed so well at 18 to 20 mph, it?s great for wakeboarding as opposed to a typical I/O, where it is hard to hold speed. It also keeps the bow down, enabling the driver to have great visibility.
The benefit of using a stern-drive as a boarding boat is the ability to adjust the attitude with the out-drive. The more you run the drive up, the more you bury the stern, producing a larger wake. Another aspect that makes this a good wakeboard and ski boat is our swim ladder, which is one of the deepest in the business. It?s angled much like a step ladder - you can almost get in the boat without using your hands.



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