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Wellcraft 2000 S Eclipse:

We always knew Wellcraft made a great ski boat; it's been on the winning end of countless Catalina Ski Races and circle events out West for some time. Yet the company hadn't made solid inroads into the recreational ski boat class until this year, with the introduction of the 2000 series. The new class of boat is big and roomy enough to take on skiing families, yet nimble and powerful enough to give performance jockeys a thrill.
The most distinguishing mark of the 2000 S isn't its clean and well-finished looks or top speed - which drew raves from our skiers - but rather the excellent array of ski wakes. Normally you don't expect to find them on a 20-foot stern-drive, so when you do, you notice.
With the exception of a very small towing eye and a slippery platform, the 2000 S gets high marks for water-sports towing. There shouldn't be any complaints from the skiers in your family who want to strut their stuff. Slalom wakes are large, thanks to the 2000's mono (vee) hull, but they are soft and easy to cut through on an edged ski. Keep the speeds low and the line all the way out, and you shouldn't have any problems.
You certainly won't have any problems footing. The wake curl of the 2000 S is one of the widest and smoothest in any ski boat class (including inboards and outboards). If you can step off, you can show off behind this boat. Boarders will find more of the same excellent wake quality; medium-size peaks give a good kick to an edged ski.
It's this versatility that may soon have Wellcraft not only making a splash in West Coast circle races, but in water skiing circles across the country, period. - Rob May



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