Svfara Marine Inc. 2005 SV 609 - Ski Boats

Svfara Marine Inc. 2005 SV 609

Svfara SV609


With direct-drive responsiveness, versatile wakes and high-performance styling, the SV609 has earned the moniker of a true multisport boat. An unconventional automotive-type design is defined by such appointments as the streamlined Faria custom gauges, the supple 34-ounce Perfection vinyl and the Dino driver's wheel that looks as though it were freshly plucked from a Lamborghini. But for all its sports-car bling, you also get Svfara's solid integrated construction process that mates hull, stringers and floor into a single, reliable unit.

This Canadian-made crossover boat has comfort features that are just as appreciated south of the border, like a step-over bow that blocks the breeze in an enclosed cockpit that can be warmed during early morning sets by three heaters. The small inboard has the sleek lines of a serious skier's ride to go along with its slalom-friendly removable rear seat, but with an options-package tower and ballast that will keep your wakeboarding groms content.


You get a peppy hole shot and some of the softest skiing wakes available at 15, 28 and 32 off. You can expect a fairly significant bump at 22 off. Our test team also rated all-around wake size with superlatives. This hull does an ample job of keeping the boat on a straight path during intense slalom pulls.


A slimmer beam means you get more bang for the buck with added ballast, which is available for the center and rear of the boat. An optional tower gives riders of all skill levels a better attack angle to the SV609's medium-size wakes with kicky lips. More seasoned wakeboarders will get a better ride if they break out the longer line.


• Wakeboarders and skiers will derive equal pleasure from these multifunctional wakes.

• The observer's seat is closer to the deck (and the windshield) than most we tested, and the driver's seat is better suited for slimmer folks, although a larger seat is also available.

• Clarion Marine sound is pumped out through directional Clarion speakers.

• The recessed armrests are a nice touch of comfort and styling.


Top Speed 45.3 mph 5,000 rpm

Accel. to 30 mph 4.0 sec. 97.5 ft.

Accel. to 36 mph 5.3 sec. 158.6 ft.

Noise Levels (db) Neutral 70 D 65 R, 36 mph 93 D 95 R


Length 19 ft. 8 in.  Beam 85 in.

Seating Capacity 8

Fuel Capacity 28 gal.

Test Prop Acme 13 x 13 4-blade

Test Engine MerCruiser Black Scorpion 5.7L, 330 HP


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