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2010 HO Sports Triumph Slalom Ski

HO Triumph slalom ski

2010 HO Sports Triumph Slalom Ski

($400; hosports.com)

The 2010 HO Sports Triumph slalom ski's increased surface area and oversized tail sidecut provide a high end and effortless feel at any speed. The three-stage rocker pattern and small bevel at the tail help the ski complete turns around buoys and make free skiing a complete thrill. Known as the ski of choice for the INT Wide Ride division, the HO Triumph slalom ski continues lead the way for skiers pushing their limits.


— Edge-to-edge concave design

— Continuous rocker line

— Oversized geometry

— Blended carbon/fiberglass reinforcements

— Polyurethane foam core

— T-Extrusion fin block

— Handmade in the U.S.A.


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