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Radar Strada Slalom Water Ski 2010

Chris Rossi // Radar Strada Slalom Ski // Photo: Bill Doster

Water Ski Review

Radar Skis

2010 Strada Slalom Water Ski

Sizes: 65”, 66”, 67”, 68”

MSRP (blank): $1,150

Team skier: Chris Rossi

WS: What is the Radar Strada slalom water ski's single best performance feature?

CR: The Strada gets you across the lake fast and inspires confidence through all phases of the turn. This heightened assurance has allowed me to make the best offside turns of my life.

WS: How does the Radar Strada slalom water ski accommodate your particular style/method?

CR: I do not have to think or work on specific techniques to run buoys. I come into the buoys with enough space to make confident, balanced turns.

WS: Is there a particular skiing style the Radar Strada is best suited for?

CR: It will perform for all skiers, regardless of style or boat speed. We wanted a ski that ripped for both 34 mph and 36 mph skiers, yet still was stable enough to get novices through their first six buoys.

WS: How close to the factory settings is your setup?

CR: The factory settings are a great place to start. My only personal twist on the factory settings is a few thousandths in additional depth.

Chris Rossi’s Fin Settings

Depth: 2.515”

Length: 6.840”

Distance from tail: .755”


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